My Trip to China


Our China Trip


We were in China from July 22, 2002 through August 9th, 2002. It still seems strange to talk about this in the past tense, after living it for those few weeks. I kept this travelogue, on a daily basis, and in real time, while we traveled, making posts daily, where possible. The words are as they were felt at the time we were traveling, and I have decided not to edit them, as I think the thoughts of the day cannot be replaced by how we feel now. I want to remember our feelings at the moment, and not replace them with memories. I will, however, be adding an epilogue, and some commentary on such things as getting connected, and other topics I was not able to research, for planning. I took over 500 megs of digital photos, and will be getting these posted as time permits over the next several weeks.

The travelogue portion is now complete. Keep checking back for new updates and pictures.


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Added an epilogue, so you don't get a page not found message. It doesn't say a whole lot. Just some lame excuses for not completing this project yet.


The itinerary is here: Itinerary


Here is a travelogue, that I am trying to keep up to date as we travel, and have internet access

Preparation and Departure Day 9 - Arrival in Beijing
Day 1 - Hong Kong Day 10 - The not so Forbidden City
Day 2 - Jiu Jiang and the Hall Village Day 11 - We scale the Wall
Day 3 - Bungle in the jungle, and a life long quest to the family village Day 12 - Stuck in Shenzhen
Day 4 - Guangzhou, a city in transition Day 13 - Lunch with Auntie Sum, and the Night Zoo
Day 5 - Guilin, I hardly knew ya Day 14 – Goodbye to China, Rail trip to Hong Kong
Day 6 - The Li river is Clean! Day 15 – More Shopping in Hong Kong
Day 7 - The Terracotta Warriors Day 16 – Our last day, and the not so smooth flight home
Day 8 - Shopping, and we play Frogger Home at last, and a week of Jet Lag


Here are selected pictures of our trip to China. There are a lot more, but I am only posting a selected few, as we travel.

Lorraine, Michael, Pat, and Josephine in front of Hong Kong Skyline

A group photo in front of the Hall Village Temple

Grandpa and Dai Bok in front of the house where Dai Bok was born

Michael looks just like one of the village kids

Barney and Karma in front of the giant Gun Jum

The view of the village rooftops from the balcony of my Great Uncle.

Foo Loy’s granddaughter, Michael, and Stephanie at the village temple.

Monsoon hits our lunch

Michael likes his snake

The new Pearl River waterfront. This is a concert hall

The old and new Guilin. Back in 1985, the entire city looked like the old half of this picture.

Here are the Rockefellers, buying a few trinkets

Here’s dinner, and yes, we did eat this.

Pat, Josephine, and Michael on the Li River

Group shot on the Li

Li River Scenery

Michael gets an autograph from the discoverer

Terracotta Soldiers

Barn and Karm at the hot springs

Pat and Lorraine, with Maggie

Trond is intensely fashionable

Is this really worth it for a little KFC?

Beijing traffic

Steph and Bern get a manicure

Beijing Street Scene

Lorraine and Grandpa trying to keep cool

Looks just like Disneyland

Are we having fun yet?

We scale the Wall

Michael and Stephanie Rub the Longevity Turtle’s nose for a 130 year life

What RMB$2Billion will get you

The center of the Universe sure is crowded

Waiting at the Beijing Airport

Michael is getting to be a real pro at immigration

Auntie Sum with Lorraine and me

Michael picks dragon eyes

Circus act at Chime-long night zoo

Barnaby and Karma at the Singing Spring grounds

Mary, Charlie, Edy, Alex, Joanna, and Doug

Back in Hong Kong

Some back home food, and shopping on our last day